SamacSys are the world’s leading provider of ECAD models to the electronics industry.

Our mission was to solve the decades-old problem of free access to high quality PCB library content for every component and every engineer, forever!

Our guiding principles:

  • Make library content free for every engineer, globally
  • Libraries must be 100% trustworthy and therefore of the highest quality
  • Library content must be integrated with all leading PCB design tools

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Use the Search feature, to search for any Component. Just enter the MPN, parts of the product name or anything that identifies a component.

The list shows all matching components in our Library. Just tap on any component to see the details. On the details page, you can:

  • Compare Prices
  • Add the component to your library
  • See the Datasheet
  • Display Symbol and Pinout
  • Display the Footprint of the Component
  • See the 3D Model of the Component
  • Export the Model to your prefered CAD Software


Use the Library to store components for later reference. You can add new Components to the Library using the Search function and the “Add to Library” button on the component detail page.

To remove components from your Library, just tap and hold to enable the Edit mode. Next, tap on the red (x) at the top of the component to delete it.


Models can be exported to be used in your favorite CAD Program.

For this, you will have our LibraryLoader software installed on your PC.

To learn more about LibraryLoader, just visit

Exporting ECAD Models is possible in three different ways.

Export via E-Mail will generate an E-Mail with the Library file attached.

The option Save as File will open the usual iOS File sharing screen.

Export to iCloud Drive is the most convenient solution. In this case, the Library file will synchronized automatically to your favorite CAD Software, even if you are not at your desk.

To get this setup, please follow these steps:

1. Ensure iCloud AND iCloud Drive is enabled on your iPhone or iPad.

For this, open Settings on your device, select Passwords & Accounts. Under Accounts select iCloud, then iCloud Drive. Here, ensure that everything, including iCloud, iCloud Drive and SamacSys are switched ON.

2. Open the SamacSys App and ensure that iCloud Drive is switched on in the Settings of the App

3. Export any Library File to iCloud Drive

4. Install iCloud Drive on your PC, if it’s not already installed. Details can be found here.

5. Install Library Loader on your PC if not already installed. Details can be found here.

6. Start Library Loader and click on Browse

7. Next open the User’s branch and scroll down until you see iCloud Drive

8. Finally open the iCloud Drive branch select the SamacSys folder

Now, whenever you export a Library file to iCloud Drive,  Library Loader will process the file and make them (Schematic Symbols, PCB Footprints and 3D Models) available for your ECAD tool.

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